What We Believe

A social movement to unleash the peoples’ spirits, to lift their voices, and to fight for a more just society.

We believe:

1. “A PEOPLE” that fears any government institution means the institution is too large or powerful.

2. Intrusive practices of government institutions must be stopped.

3. Creating opportunity to advance all citizens in a land built on the backs of immigrants whether they came through choice or captivity is an essential function of government institutions.

4. Discriminatory practices of government institutions based on race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender, genetics, religion, or sexual orientation/identity and any entity funded through government funds are intolerable.

5. Special interests must be eliminated in procurement of government funds, contracts, and resources.

6. Government institutions must be held accountable for delivering equitable outcomes for all people.

7. Government institutions must provide “equal and equitable” quality and quantity of services that reduce system dependency for all people.

8. Average citizens’ participation in the policy, procedures, and program development of government institutions are essential to achieving successful outcomes for all people.

9. Cross systems collaboration, cooperation, programming, and service coordination streamlines the service delivery system, cut costs, and produce best practice outcomes for vulnerable people.

10. Government institutions harbor prejudice, bias, and harmful attitudes that lead to unjust, unfair and severe outcomes and consequences for vulnerable people.

11. Citizens should petition any institution of government for a public funded option when the institution fails to deliver results.